Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ulysses Pub NYC 2004

Yours truly emerging from the Irish pub in NYC near Wall St. where I saw on Karan Casey on my birthday, March 14. Also saw the amazing Irish band Lunasa there a few days before.
The Ulysses pub lies on the corner of Pearl and Stone Street in Lower Manhattan. Stone Street, narrow and cobblestoned as per old Amsterdam or Napoli, was said to be the first paved street (1658 by the Dutch) when it was known as Hoogh Straet - high Street. Although the cobblestone that lines the ground now is a modern "recapturing" of the original and oft filled with bustling Wall Street types, in a quiet moment you can gaze out down the lane and imagine, at least a glimpse of, what once was.

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Digging your photos man