Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tops of the Pops

Time for a quick one;
My most-listened-to list for the past month;
Springtime can Kill You (Dig) - Jolie Holland
.....her most dreamlike and weathery in tone, as in the edgier tonalist painters like Inness and Ryder but with a whiskey tinge, in that kind of New Orleans ghostroom Appalachian funky gypsy hobo-beat on the front porch in the mist kinda way she has. Fave-wise it's "Mexican Blue" out in front by a longshot, followed by "Crush In the Ghetto", "Stubborn Beast" head to head, "Springtime Can Kill You" and "Moonshiner" burning up the track not far behind...(On Spike Jones' record it's "Cabbage" by a head...followed by "Bee-eetlebaum!").

Fuchsia Swing Song Sam Rivers
....chord changes but Sam plays with such a free and liberating feel. Thanks Jimmy, for reminding of "Conference of the Birds" again.

Birds of Our Neighborhood - Innocence Mission
....Karen Peris is an angel on this earth. Not my fave album of their's (Glow and Befriended take the cake) but i play 2 songs from it over and over day after day. "Lakes of Canada" and "Snow".

The World of Nat King Cole - you know who
...On the Street Where You Live...gotta hear it every day


Sharon said...

Jolie Holland at the Rhythm Room 6/27...great stuff...

Tom Clohessy said...

I know, and DANG! i'll be in Italy!
....not that i'm complaining...we should all have such troubles. I did see her last year.

Anonymous said...

There comes a time in everyone's wife,er,life when the churlish girlish kicks in. Fer instance, General Custard Pudding's last stand aginst the Shawnee Indians.( They was usin' extra-long arrows,ya see.) Sir Nat Cole was born in the 20th Buick Century.(Snowbirds'n'fogies drive those bastards.)This gentleman of the truest,bluest had a way with a song.
("DUH!",sez Marian Jennings from Duluth,MN)Pure love so they say. The peepholes new he meant it. No fireworks.No light show. No backdrop,cept for grey. Just that deepsweethoneymolassesvoice. Stevie

Anonymous said...

stevie -
mary from duluth looking out the window while the record spun and nat says "many dreams have been left at your doorstep"...'yeah, right,' she mutters, looking outside at howard the milkman schlepping over another carton.